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Kothmale Holiday Bungalow

Telephone: +44-870-4711969
Fax: +44-845-1540490

Kothmale Holiday Bungalow Location

Kothmale Holiday Bungalow is a village that is located along the road to Talawakele about 13km away from Nawalapitiya. The Kothmale Holiday Bungalow is found beside the highway of Ulapane - Nuwara Eliya via the Kothmale Dam. The property is only a 20 minute drive away from Gampola and 45 minutes from Nuwara Eliya and Kandy. Kothmale is also a rainwater catchment area amidst the central highlands while the nearest rail way station is at Nawalapitiya.

About Kothmale City

Kotmale is an agricultural village located 13 km from Nawalapitiya on the road to Talawekela. Kotmale can be reached on the road that takes a turn off to the left at a location close to Ramboda Falls on Nuwara Eliya-Kandy road.

The nearest railway station is at Nawalapitiya on the main Colombo-Badulla railway line. Kotmale, though a small village known mainly for the production of cheese and modern Kotmale reservoir and dam, is a rainwater catchment area that lay amidst the mountains of Central Highlands of Sri Lanka that was largely left undisturbed by the ancient kings of Sri Lanka in view of its geographic, climatic and ecological significance.

Kotmale's history runs back to a couple of milennums: it gave sanctuary to Prince Gamunu who went onto become King Dutugemunu (161-137 BC), the Hero of Nation; it also gave refuge to Sacred Tooth of Relic during the invasions by Dravidains from Southern India as well as by the Europeans. The last occasion was in the year 1815 during the British occupation of Sri Lanka.

Kotmale Dam View Point is a popular attraction that draws in local school children in thousands every year. The Gallery contains history of the construction of dam in pictures and photographs during the period of 1977-1995 among other images. Kotmale multi-purpose irrigation project is one of the four headworks of the Mahaweli Development Progamme of Sri Lanka. The others are Victoria, Maduru Oya and Randenigala.

The basic elements of the project are a dam on the Kotmale Oya (a tributary of the Mahaweli ganga) and a tunnel system leading to a power station with the outfall of the mahaweli ganga. The primary function of the project is the generation of electric power. Additional benefits will arise from an increase in the amount of irrigation water available at Polgolla due to regulation of flows in the Kotmale Oya.

The Kotmale Road running across the Kotmale Dam is re-opened in the year 2010, making transportation to a Gampola, Nawalapitiya and Nuwara Eliya much easier.

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